Contabilidad Domestica MasPC


Family and small business financial management



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Contabilidad Domestica MasPC (Household Finances MasPC) is an excellent program that allows you to organize and manage all the expenses and income of a household or a small business.

As usual with programs of this type, this program has many utilities to facilitate the use of each of its features. Some of the more noteworthy are:

-Apuntes (Notes): Allows you to add, edit, and search for any note, whether it is banking information, income, expenses, to-do list, and so on.

- Grupos (Groups): Allows you to create different groups so you can later check their remaining budget and tables.

- Presupuestos (Budget): Allows you to create general or specific budgets.

- Agenda (Planner): Includes options for creating tasks with all the necessary information and utilities for quick and easy access later on.

In addition, it includes the ability to create or restore backups, correct files in case of an error or system reboot, task notifications, in addition to many other features.

30-day free trial.

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